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What kind of metals we buy

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T and T Recycling serving Hurst IL and Benton IL in Southern IL

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We have two locations in Southern Illinois. Click here to get directions to both our Hurst IL and Benton IL Recycling Centers.

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Things we recycle

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Auto Bodies, Industrial Scrap, Plate and Structural, Heavy Melting Steel, Sheet Iron, Cast Iron, Motor blocks, Rebar, Appliances, Railroad Iron*

*You MUST have documentation from the railroad before we can purchase any kind of railroad iron.


All types of scrap Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, Breakage, ACSR, all types of Copper, Insulated Wire, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Zinc, Radiators, Lead Acid Batteries, Lead, ACRs, Brass, Die Cast, Transmissions, Heater Cores, Magnesium, Catalytic Converters, Circuit Boards, Electric Motors

Other Services

Occasionally, we will travel to locations within the tri-state area to disassemble and demolish metal structures. We send our most experienced employees and transport our own equipment to the job site.

Plese see our Tire Disposal page for information regarding tire disposal at our locations in Southern Illinois